<p><b>Decription:</b></p> <p>Each MinniNikki bracelet is made by hand and designed by Anja Bruun.</p> <p>The bracelets are made with Semiprecious Gemstones, seed beads, freshwater pearls and other beautiful items. </p> <p>Claps and extender chain are made of Sterling Silver 925S plated with 18kt Gold.</p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p><b>Care instructions:</b></p> <p>The metal parts in a MinniNikki bracelet are made of sterling Silver 925S.</p> <p>The metal Gold parts are Sterling Silver plated with 18kt Gold.</p> <p>Please be aware of the fact, that in time the gold plating will be worn of. This can't be avoided when you use your bracelet. This is therefore not a reason for a claim.</p> <p>Please take good care of your bracelet. You should especially avoid your bracelet to be exposed to: water, humidity, sun, salt, lotion, hairspray, clorine and other chemicals.&nbsp;</p> <p>Please do not ware your bracelet when bathing, sleeping or doing sports.</p> <p>MinniNikki hopes that you will appreciate your delicate handmade bracelet.<br></p>